The Gold Standard

Gold is a tried and true material in dentistry.  The properties of gold make it an ideal restoration for longevity, especially in the hard to reach (and see) places.  Gold is a more conservative material allowing the dentist to preserve healthy tooth structure, it is gentle to the opposing dentition, it never fractures and with proper care, it gets better over time.  This is what makes gold so unique and long-lasting. 

While gold is not typically a desirable cosmetic look, there are non-visible areas in the mouth where, under certain circumstances, it is the best option and it is offered at Bosma Dental.  A gold restoration is a two appointment process.  It can be a full-tooth coverage crown or it can be a partial coverage restoration called an onlay or inlay.  The dentist prepares the tooth, takes a scan or mold of the tooth and sends that to the lab where the restoration is fabricated.  It is then cemented into place at the second visit.  Gold restorations take more time to plan, and execute and require more time to cement and finish than a porcelain crown.  At Bosma Dental we strive to provide our patients with all the best options our profession has to offer.  We follow the sage advise of a wise dentist who once said, "Do the right thing, then do the thing right".